Dating senior year of high school

Or did you limp out of high school as a mere survivor?

An upward trajectory makes a compelling case to college admissions officers.

Different colleges will have different application dates, and your schoolwork will still require your attention.

A strong finish demonstrates that a student can work hard to overcome initial setbacks.

Some students who coast by on talent or aptitude hit a wall when they finally reach college.

If academic success has always come easily to them, these students may not have a wealth of experience to draw from when they stumble into a difficult class.

Students who have learned to work hard in high school, by way of contrast, have already learned how to persevere.

If you are hoping to reach a higher caliber of school than your GPA alone will allow, it is absolutely essential to have an excellent senior year.

From preparing for the ACT or SAT, to researching colleges, to writing essays, you will be devoting much of your time to this endeavor.

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