Dave ramsey on consolidating college loans


I assume when your husband gets his post grad degree your income will go up by K or more per year. And it sounds like you are under employed so once you get full employment your income will go up. Things are shitty but they're not the end of the world. But you spent 4 years or so and how many thousands of dollars on a degree and you're not using it?

Seriously, you are on track for reaching financial freedom. Is there a way you can use it or is it a junker degree (like my english lit degree)?

We downsized to the smallest and most affordable apartment in our area (0/mo), we have minimized every item in our monthly budget and don’t have much else we can cut out financially.

Once you get a CDL then things really open up with the prospects of being a professional driver.

I don't know if you and your husband are planning on you always having a job or not. If that is the case then once your husband is done with school, and hopefully making a LOT more than he currently is, it might be time to invest into your skills and education with something that will enable you to have a good job.

Dave devotes an entire section of his truth about debt consolidation page to “How Does Debt Consolidation Work? And according to Dave, if you got a ,000 debt consolidation loan at 9% for 72 months, you’d be paying 0 a month. However, if you consolidated your ,000 debt at 9% on a four-year loan, your total payments would be ,786, or about 0 difference from what you would have paid on the original loan. Most of his assertions on “The Truth About Debt Consolidation” are casual observations not data-driven conclusions.

” and botches the math so badly you wonder if his calculator needs batteries. Misses by thousands of dollars and his “truth” turns out to be a numeric lie. According to Dave, if you have a four-year loan at 10% on the other ,000 of debt, you pay 3 a month. Dave would have you believe that the debt snowball is the only game in town. Let’s end on a fair note because even though Dave is spreading more half-truths and quarter-truths than real truths, he does mean well and he’s right about one thing: “ Debt management programs could be part of that action.

Let’s review Dave Ramsey’s bad math claims: “.” Just don’t get them from Dave. What he does offer is chance to buy an online version of “The Truth” for 9. The truth about Dave Ramsey’s “The Truth About Debt Consolidation” is that there is so little truth in it, you wonder how his conscience doesn’t bother him. To be fair, Dave is right on one point: No matter how you do the math, paying off a loan in six years, costs more than paying one off in two years.

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