Full figured woman and dating


I have plenty full-body, 3/4 body, clear face shots so I wasn't concerned about misrepresenting myself.

I just find curvy is co-opted to some degree and I hesitated to put it because fairly regularly here you will see people bitch about the curvy designation.

No matter what you put they're going to get a picture in their mind of the same fat chick. It not only has the BBW = fat connotation in my mind but it stirs up the image of one of these people who's actually proud of being fat. more likely to consider someone if they portray themselves honestly than if I'm left guessing about what their weight might actually be.

I consider the overweight tab for those who are morbidly obese. I just don't see the 'overweight' tab as being one that women ever use.

Given the choice, I'd strongly prefer to put my body type as 'fat', but the BBW label they have on POF would also be acceptable. Not saying this is you of course just what identifying with that term conjures up in my mind.

So basically, do you interpret 'full-figured' as fat, or not? Full figured = Fat BBW = Fat A few extra pounds = Fat Big boned = Fat I could go on. I also don't think fat people should be ashamed of themselves in case this comes across that way, I just don't think it's something to seem proud about either.

But these days I just say fuck it, I am actually curvy, so I'm gonna put it there and be done with it.

I don't think it matters which one you use as long as you're honest in what you're selling.

Sure, they can be proud of other traits, they can be a proud person overall but being overweight is not something I can see good reasons to take pride from.

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