Is memphis bleek dating toya

Toya insists that he comply with this, something she apparently fears he will do.

Toya is seeking to have the court officially grant her a divorce and for Mickey to pay her attorney fees.

They both say all joint bank accounts have already been closed and they share no debt together. In regards to their automobiles and furniture and other personal property, each will keep the property in their possessions and Toya is waiving all rights to furniture and belongings in Mickey’s home currently.

Toya agreed to pay k to her soon-to-be ex-husband and Mickey will waive all rights to proceeds earned by her from the sale of her book, “How to Lose a Husband” and proceeds from Before Bed Headz, a company she owns.

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The agreement reveals both parties financial situation at the time, with Toya having over 0k in cash, 9k in real estate, 5k worth of cars along with k in other personal property.Per their agreement, Toya explains all issues over their property and assets have been settled and she is asking the divorce quickly be granted by the judge.Toya has been outspoken about her rocky relationship with Mickey.The reality star is seeking to be awarded her personal property, with Mickey receiving his personal property as well.She added that the law states Mickey cannot transfer or sell any of his property during a divorce. everybody has been at me about who the mysterious "Sexi Face" is. The two have been spotted around the ATL and I happen to think they are a pretty hot couple.

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