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Charles had issue, including Ulysses North Bagot, b 1822 ( who, when of 12 Charlemont Place on , married Rachel Meyler, dau of John Meyler (St Peter COI parish records, Dublin) 6b Ulysses Henry Bagot, d unmarried (Burke) 6c William Bagot, d unmarried (Burke & will of his grandmother, Eliza Bagot) 6d Emilius Walker Bagot (Burke) 6e Eliza Ann Bagot m Rev John Ball of Delganny, Co Wicklow (Burke & will of her grandmother, Eliza Bagot) 5b Mary North (16.4.2) or Maria North, m Milo Bagot (16.4.2).Milo Bagot might be the Miles Bagot or Milo Bagott who appears in some deeds.Deed 576 is a marriage settlement dated : John Lloyd Armstrong of Dublin, Catherine North of Dublin, Lucinda North, widow, mother of Catherine, Rev Henry Gouldsbury of Boyle, Co Roscommon, Rev Thomas Lloyd of Boyle - marriage between John Lloyd Armstrong & Catherine North, 1,000 part of the lands at Miltown (EN email ). In 1823 John Henry made a speech to the Jury in the case of Graham and Handwich: 'Whatout a bold and upright press there is no public opinion.This looks like Catherine was a daughter of Lucinda Gouldsbury who married Richard North and became a widow on his early death. The public itself is a heavy, inert, senseless mass, fit only to sustain the weight of power, and to bear the haughty foot that treads and tramples on it, this is the divine celestial spirit that informs it all, in every artery and pore with new vitality' (J Joly Pamphlets National Library of Ireland Rare Book Collections 1125 1140 Irish Trials).Deed 370 of 1775 (EN email ; CN email ) describes Richard North as 'Ensign in his Majesty's 15 Regiment of Foot'. [Bar 1810; Judge of the Court of Admiralty (I.).]'); Burke states that Ulysses North of Newcastle (4a above) was his uncle.

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His wife survived him and there were no children (SP email ). Thoms 1825 & 26 records J H North, 31 Merrion Square, Dublin (EN emails , ).Deed 321 10 211494 of records that Roger left Lisaura to his son Richard.Deed 200 of is a record of a mortgage by Bryan Geoghan of Derryroe, Barony of Moycashel, Co Westmeath over his land at Derryroe for 420 sterling to Roger North of Newcastle, gent.Deed 220 56 143990 of outlined arrangements for the substitution of new 'lives' in the same mortgage, and was witnessed by William North of Clonfad, attorney in the Court of Exchequer in Ireland (Roger's brother) (CN email ) 4a Ulysses North of Newcastle or Ulysses Browne North (deed 370 of 1775 (EN email ; CN email )), d 1780, High Sheriff of Westmeath (Co N), m Eliza Bagot (16.4.2) (SP email ) and had issue.Eliza's will of (as Elizabeth North, widow) left part of the lands of Kilcoursey called Cottage, parish Kilbride, Barony of Kilcoursey, Kings Co, to her grandson Charles Bagot; and 20 each to grandson William Bagot of Kilcoursey and granddaughter Eliza Ann Ball (Eliza Ann Bagot) widowof Mt Pleasant Ave Dublin.Deed 321 10 211494 of refers to his children Charles, Susanna, Richard, Ulysses and Joseph; it recites deed 1758 189 of , the demise to Roger North of the lands of Davidstown from Henry Pilkington of Kilbeggan and Abraham Pilkington of Toar for the lives of Charles, Susanna and Richard North for 5/- pa (that lease for lives was inherited by Roger's son Charles and subsequently exchanged for a lease for ever: deed 1779 391); the demise to Roger North of Lisauna [Lissara] in the Barony of Moycashel from Judge Rochfort of Steamstown for an annual rent of 10; and subsequent lease on of the same lands of Lisauna to William North of Clonfad in trust for Roger North at an annual rent of 4 (?

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